5 Comic Book Characters We Want to Appear in the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Sequel

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Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduced audiences to a new audience of spider-people outside of Peter Parker. While Spider-Man has had multiple movies and television shows, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse saw the introduction of Miles Morales to the big screen along with characters like Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man Noir, and Peter Porker.

They’re not the only spider-beings to make a splash across the Spider-Verse storyline either. And with Sony already planning an Into the Spider-Verse sequel, there are plenty of opportunities to introduce other characters. Here are the top five Spider characters we want to see swinging into action on the big screen.

1. Silk

Cindy Moon, also known as Silk, is supposedly getting her own live-action movie. That shouldn’t preclude her from being featured in the animated universe. One of Peter Parker’s classmates, Cindy Moon was bitten by the spider and inherited a different power set from Peter’s. She manifested her abilities, wrapping up her parents, before being saved by Ezekiel Sims, a man who took her in and protected her from Morlun, a predator threatening the multiverse.

Cindy spent 13 years in a bunker before deciding to leave and protect the outside world. Peter and Cindy began a relationship that would ultimately be temporary. The pair fought crime and Silk ended up protecting Peter from being unmasked by the Black Cat on TV. Since then Cindy has been on a quest to find her missing family. If Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is meant to be an introduction to an animated Spider-Man universe, Cidy would be another character like Miles Morales who deserves both an animated and a live action debut.


Spider-Punk, also known as Hobart Brown, is the Spider-Man of Earth-138. A revolutionary, Brown led the spider army against President Osborn and his Thunderbolt Department using their special VENOM  protective gear. The only way to defeat Osborn’s secret police was using Brown’s punk rock. He used 15000 volts of punk rock out of an “army of amps” to defeat the enemy. When confronted with sonic waves off of the amps the Venom armor decomposed and destroyed Osborn’s Thunderbolt Army and its pursuit of his revolutionaries.

Spider-Punk would be an excellent way to add some unique charm to the series as well as a unique punk rock look. The character’s anti-authoritarian attitude would also make him a valuable asset since his morals would clearly conflict with Peter Parker’s across many dimensions. Much like Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Punk would be a character who could shake things up and challenge the traditional attitude of “with great power comes great responsibility.”


May “Mayday” Parker is the Spider-Woman from Earth-982. The daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, May grew up unaware of her father’s exploits. Peter, after losing a leg, retired from crime fighting and devoted himself to being a husband and father. Both of May’s parents hoped that she wouldn’t develop abilities like her father’s. Those hopes were dashed when she developed powers of her own and went up against a Villain named Mr. Nobody.

May, along with her brother Benji, are the only children of Mary Jane and Peter. Their parents died protecting them from one of the creatures hunting them across the Spider-Verse. Including May Parker and her brother would be a great way to conclude the Into the Spider-Verse story. If Miles becomes a leader of the Spider-Army, Mary and Peter’s children could be a good reason for Miles to continue fighting the enemy as a unified front.

4. SPIDER-MAN 2099

Spider-Man 2099, also known as Miguel O’Hara, is the Spider-Man of the year 2099. A brilliant geneticist, O’Hara was trying to recreate the experiment that gave Peter Parker his abilities. The victim of an accident, his own DNA was rewritten with a spider’s. Living in a world filled with corporations, O’Hara soon dedicated himself to taking down the crime and corruption in his own reality.

Prior to Miles Morales, Miguel O’Hara was the first Latinx person to carry the Spider-Man mantle. It would be easy for Sony to rewrite his origin story to include some connection to Miles’s universe. The two characters share an identity and culture and tying the two characters together in an animated universe would open up multiple story opportunities for the two of them. Miguel is a sure-footed bet for the film. Just ask the folks who stayed after the credits.


The Spider-Man from Earth-50101, Pavitr Prabhakar would be a very interesting addition to the Spider-Man universe and offer some much needed representation to the South Asian and Indian communities. Pavitr moved to Mumbai as a teenager along with his uncle Bhim and his aunt Maya. His origin is similar to Peter Parker’s but incorporates additional elements of magic and demonology. For instance, Pavitr receives his powers from an Indian Yogi instead of a spider-bite.

The biggest thing that Spider-Man India would bring to the story would be a sense of existential crisis. Pavitr is directly aware of the similarities between his life and Peter Parker’s and questions if it means anything and what will happen to all of them. Including Pavitr would be a great way of commenting further on the meta nature of the Spider-Verse storyline as well as sowing potential discord among the spider-people. As long as writers remember his innate heroism, he’d be a fantastic addition to the Spider-Verse and any sequel that Sony wishes to produce.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an award-winning film. The series, focusing around Miles Morales and making him the lynchpin of a Spider-Man universe could be developed into an awesome series of movies.

Do you agree with our list of spider-people who should swing into the animated screen? Who else would you like to see in a sequel? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is now playing.

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