Why The Gifted Deserves To Be Renewed For Season 3

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Fox’s The Gifted episode 12, “hoMe”ended on a huge cliffhanger. The series is ramping up to an incredible conclusion. It has delivered multiple power plays between the various mutant sides and made Fox’s Mutant universe a unique addition to Marvel Television. From Legion to The Gifted, it’s a universe that Fox is only beginning to explore.

The second season of The Gifted has introduced a number of new characters with a focus on diversity and unique mutant abilities. The series has consistently demonstrated a focus on not only telling awesome stories but being inclusive as well. As the series progresses to its season finale, however, there’s no word on a third season renewal. Marvel Television has always delivered quality products. The Gifted is certainly one of those that deserves a renewal.

It’s understandable why Fox might not announce a third season, or chose to pursue it. With the Disney/Fox merger barreling down the pike in Hollywood, things are getting intense. That said, as Disney and Fox consider just what programs to keep and which ones to discard, The Gifted should be on the list of keepsakes. Legion has already been confirmed for a third season, and it makes sense for Disney and Fox to build up their mutant properties. The easiest way to do so? Keep everyone’s favorite mutants battling for mutant equality.

It Delivers Detail the X-Men Universe Has Previously Lacked

The X-Men Universe has always been about the battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood. Onscreen that was all anybody wanted to talk about. Offscreen, comic book readers intrigued by the films discovered that the X-Men were part of a much bigger reality. The mutant corner of the Marvel universe is far larger than the rest of Marvel itself. There’s different timelines, alternate realities, and multiple X-Men teams.

That’s why it’s important to keep The Gifted. It doesn’t have to be integrated into the movie universe and can still keep the mutant brand on people’s minds. It’s also focused on other teams. In The Gifted, the X-Men are gone and the Brotherhood has seemingly morphed into the Inner Circle. Disney and Fox should renew The Gifted to keep the mutants around until they decide what to do with the stories. They should give audiences a chance to explore the mutant corners of the Marvel universe.

It Puts Diversity Front & Center

One of the biggest things that The Gifted has gotten right has been its depictions of it’s marginalized characters. While most of the mutants seen on screen have been white and primarily able-bodied (save for Charles Xavier) the most inclusive group of superheroes has been exclusively…well. normal. The Gifted has changed that, putting people of color in the spotlight.

From Marcos Diaz to John Proudstar, from Clarice Fong to this season’s newcomer Reeva, The Gifted makes an effort to make the world of the show look like the one outside our window. It hasn’t been afraid to address politics either. The mutants aren’t just affected by their abilities, they’re affected by the issues affecting all of us.

That’s a rarity. While other shows have only begun to scratch the surface of diverse representation, The Gifted has offered some unique visuals to comic book television and film. In episode 6 of the first season, the show offered a look at disabled veterans, particularly mutant veterans. How many times have audiences seen that in genre television? It’s rare, and The Gifted deserves to continue telling stories like that on television.

It’s Got A Great Cast

Let’s not beat around the bush, Marvel Television always has excellent casting. From it’s Netflix properties to Agents of SHIELD, Marvel has an eye for talent. It’s Fox division is no exception. The Gifted has assembled a collection of all-star newcomers and old hands to tackle it’s characters. While they’re not all household names, they deserve to continue playing their characters. They deserve all the recognition they can get.

The series includes veteran genre actors Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker. They’re joined by Blair Redford, Sean Teale, Coby Bell and more. It’s hard to list the sheer amount of talent that the show has offered and it’s only gotten better. The Gifted deserves a third season so the series can bring on new actors. Big or small, the show makes every character feel special and important. Fans deserve to see what a third season of the show would bring.

It’s Just Plain Good Television

Despite a few slow starts, The Gifted is good, engaging television. The first season was admittedly all about character development, but the second season has seen a host of new amazing powers and characters and introduced power plays reminiscent of Game of Thrones. Unlike the HBO show however, The Gifted is based on a world similar to our own. It deals with conflicts that are relatable, it just gives people dealing with those issues unusual powers.

There are a lot of ways that The Gifted could continue its story and it deserves a chance to do so. Also, if fans are looking for a great show to start, it’s second season is almost done so there’s no better time to catch up. The Gifted hasn’t been renewed yet, but it should. It deserves it.

Do you think The Gifted deserves a renewal? Are you enjoying it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

The Gifted season 2, episode 13, “teMpted” airs January 22nd, 2018.

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  1. I love the Gifted. Even though it has fantastical elements the way the story if portrayed feels like real life and believable.

  2. Yes I love the Gifted and this best season yet and it certainly deserves to get another season. there so much more to explore when comes to our mutants. I especialy love Polaris and Eclipse. they diffinitly pick the great cast.

  3. Season 1 was amazing and had a ton of action. Season 2 wasn’t like that at all. I would bet that the low ratings was due to the constant beating of the underground and the slow start. No one wants to see their favorite heroes get beat that much! Either way, I was still hooked week after week. I say it needs to be renewed!

  4. Come on Fox. You can’t leave a great show like The Gifted hanging like this. At least make a 2 hour TV film to give us some closure.

  5. Come on Fox. Just make a 2 hour TV film to give us some closure. Do not end a great show like The Gifted like this. Do it or I will never watch anything on Fox again.

  6. I think it’s a great series amazing even . I really hope you guys can see a way to keep it . Call Netflix if you all don’t want to

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