X-Force, Gambit & Doctor Doom Reportedly Scrapped

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FOX’s own little Marvel and X-Men film universe is seemingly coming to an end this year, as Disney is acquiring 21st Century Fox which will reportedly complete the deal by late March. Only two films are set to come out this year from the X-Men world, with Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix and
Josh Boone’s New Mutants set to arrive on June 7 and August 2 respectively.

However, in the past few years, other Marvel properties have been in the works at FOX, with Gambit, starring Channing Tatum and X-Force, spinning off from the Deadpool franchise. But both projects have been more or less in development hell, particularly for Gambit, a project that has been losing directors one after one.

In addition to that, Legion showrunner Noah Hawley was previously announced to direct a Doctor Doom film, focusing on the iconic Fantastic Four baddie. However, there have barely been any updates on any of these three films and why is that? According to Daniel Richtman, who writes for Super Bro Movies, reports that the projects have been canceled.

To be more specific, Richtman specifies that Gambit and Doctor Doom have officially been shelved, while X-Force is just not moving forward at the moment. While it won’t happen with FOX, it could always happen with Disney, but only time will that.

Dark Phoenix will be the final main X-Men film while New Mutants will be the last installment to that whole universe. After that, the next time the X-Men (and hopefully Fantastic Four) characters will be seen is when they get re-imagined for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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