Avengers: End Game Trailer: Best Moments from the Super Bowl Spot

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For many people, the best part of the Super Bowl isn’t the game itself, but the commercials that run throughout it. If you watched this year’s snooze fest of a game, then you know how true that really is. Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that one of the best moments of the whole evening was the release of Marvel’s newest Avengers: End Game trailer.

And what a trailer it was! Before we dive into it though, let’s give the Russo brothers and Marvel Studios a round of applause for being able to pack so much excitement, mystery, and speculation building into 30 seconds. Seriously though. If those 30 seconds didn’t get you hyped, are you even a comic movie fan?

Breaking Down the Trailer

Right off the bat this trailer hits you with ALL THE FEELS as we’re given a montage showing all the heroes lost to Thanos’s snap. Interestingly, in reverse order of their “deaths”. Maybe that’s a clue, or maybe I’ve gone too far down the theory hole.

My gut says it’s a clue, because they were all accentuated with in red and the reality stone is also red… So maybe just maybe Spidey and crew aren’t dead after all, but in a parallel reality, which has been one of the biggest speculations. That and time travel of course (which this trailer also gave some possible clues towards. More on that in a moment). Either way, the color red played a significant role in this trailer as we also saw Hawkeye/Ronin’s face bathed in a red glow as he looked up with a somewhat scared expression on his face. What was causing that? Leave a comment below with your best theories on that one.  

Up in the Sky

Speaking of looking up, I am dying to know what Captain America, The Hulk, War Machine, & Black Widow were looking up at. I can only hope it’s connected to the moment right before in the trailer where we see Tony & Nebula working together. Perhaps, and hopefully, on fixing the ship to get them back to earth & the long-awaited reunion between Cap & Iron Man.

While we’re mentioning Black Widow, did you notice the length of her hair while she’s looking up vs. when she’s showing off those insane shooting skills at the gun range? It’s different lengths. Which implies the passage of time or….TIME TRAVEL!

That’s a Nice Shield

There is so much more happening in this trailer, but truthfully, the moment that caused the hairs on the back of my arm to stand up like Peter Parker’s on a school bus was when we see the reunion of Captain America and his shield.

What were your favorite moments of the trailer? What biggest questions or theories did it leave you with? Sound off in the comments below.

Avengers: End Game opens in theaters world-wide April 26th, 2019.

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