5 Characters Kumail Nanjiani Could Be Playing in The Eternals

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The cast of The Eternals is beginning to take shape. First, Angelina Jolie was announced to be joining the cast. Now, Kumail Nanjiani is expected to join as well. This news comes via The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the news earlier this week. Nanjiani is best known for his work on Silicon Valley and The Big Sick, and he most recently starred in CBS All Access’ new Twilight Zone series.

The Eternals is a movie that’s rife with possibility. Full of rich characters, the film could connect Earth to the cosmic universe and interact with familiar species and characters, like the Kree and Ego the Celestial, to new characters like Nova and more. Nanjiani himself could be playing a vast number of different characters in the Eternals line up — or he could be playing Holden, the anthropologist responsible for introducing the Eternals to Earth.

Here are five characters he could playing in the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 film:


Ikaris is one of the main characters in the Eternals saga. He chose his name based on Icarus, his son with a Greecian woman. He, much like the other Eternals has a long history with human beings, despite not being directly involved in them. Thanks to Thanos and the efforts of the Avengers, he, like his family, would be forced to come out of hiding. As Ike Harris, Ikaris is a New York cameraman who ends up on the front lines of the war between the Eternals and Deviants, revealing himself in New York City. He’s a leading man character and a perfect fit for Kumail.


Mikkari has as long a history with humans, such as his relationship with Sersi. He is a member of the Eternals technologist guild and famous for designing ships. Mikkari spent time under the name “Thoth” and taught writing to the ancient Egyptians. After witnessing a number of major historical events, he’s made himself an ally of mankind. As someone familiar with human beings, he could also be a good introduction for Sersi and the rest of those involved to humankind.

Dane Whitman (The Black Knight)

This one is a long shot. But, with the MCU barely touching on magic, having the Black Knight involved would be a great opportunity to tie the cosmic MCU to Marvel at large together. This Black Knight is the third person to carry that title. Previously a supervillain, having Whitman inherit the magical sword and Black Knight curse would give him a really fascinating backstory. If he’s one of SHIELD’s secrets, he could be what helps Sersi adjust to humanity. The two have an intense relationship in the comics, and he would be a great character for Kumail to play.


Starfox, also known as Eros, is the younger brother of Thanos the Mad Titan. While Thanos became driven by blood lust and a desire to conquer, Starfox sought a life of ease and pleasure. Starfox and Thanos would meet once every 1000 years and call a truce when they were together. They would even exchange gifts. With connections to Mar-Vell, the Kree, the Avengers and the rest of the cosmic universe, Starfox’s humor and heroism would be a perfect fit for Kumail.

Dr. Samuel Holden

Samuel Holden is an anthropologist at New York City College. Drawn into the conflict between the Eternals and the Deviants, their mutated enemies, Holden shared the existence of the godlike races with his students with the permission of Sersi and Ikaris, two leaders of the Eternals. The role has the potential for a lot of growth for the character and could add to the ranks of characters like Phil Coulson and Nick Fury.

A man as funny and as talented as Kumail is with projects from the likes of Jordan Peele on his resume, however, should be used as far more than a supporting player. If he is playing a human, Holden for instance, hopefully he’ll be able to bring a lot more to the role and become a pivotal character not just for the film, but for the MCU at large.

Who do you think Kumail is playing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

The Eternals currently does not have a release date.

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