5 Things Disney+ and Marvel Studios Should Consider to Make Their MCU Content Successful

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Bucky and Falcon Need to Balance Heart and Humor

This is another one of those “characters who need more development” posts. There’s a lot that needs to be said about Falcon, and while Bucky has had a lot happen to him, we still don’t know who he is without Steve. We don’t know who either of them are without Steve Rogers. This is a great chance to show that relationship and let it expand. Who are they without Steve? Do they love him? Hate him? Find him obnoxious?

Thankfully Falcon and Bucky both have the chops to do some serious banter, their time on Civil War has proven that. The showrunners can also tackle serious issues facing veterans like PTSD and mental health issues. Whatever Bucky and Falcon are doing, it should find a balance between the two. They’ve been snarky, and they can keep being snarky. With the right writer they can also fill the void left by The Punisher, a show that despite its darkness addressed a serious issue. Hopefully Marvel is up to the task.

It Actually Has To Tie Into the MCU

The MCU has been “connected” to the MCU before. Under Jeph Loeb, Marvel Television has produced a lot of hits like Agents of SHIELD, The Defenders, and Cloak & Dagger and Runaways. Despite this, fans have never gotten their Daisy Johnson and Captain America team up, the Defenders never had to react to the destruction levied in the MCU, and the most solid connection between all the shows has been Brigid O’Reilly.

Even if the MCU introduces the multiversal concept (a rumor that has been floating around.) the MCU can benefit from the direct tie in. Thankfully Kevin Feige has teased that there will be direct and essential connection between Disney+ and the MCU.

This is important. Ike Pearlmutter, the former head of Marvel Television, is famous for arguing with Feige. The pair has disagreed, and it’s largely believed that the lack of representation in the MCU stems from Pearlmutter’s influence. Now that Disney is taking over the television shows from Marvel Television, the MCU can at last live up to its creed of #ItsAllConnected.

Loki Should Be Weird, Wacky, and Gender Fluid.

This one might be off-putting to some, but the MCU’s trickster and his massive following has come to be a symbol for the less …moral. Loki’s fans are numerous, they embrace his relationship with his brother, and more importantly they embrace his weirdness. It’s fair, he’s a weird character, but with Tom Hiddleston able to fully explore the character we should see Loki own himself – including the character’s canon gender fluidity.

Marvel comics have a Lady Loki, there’s a kid Loki, there’s even a Lokitty. With a Disney budget, Marvel has a chance to build something very special with the Loki series that could finally give fans of everyone’s favorite morally gray black-haired stepchild a chance to shine.

This Has To Be A Good Beginning

While we have a theory that these characters are all getting shows for a reason – this has to be a good beginning. Marvel does nothing by chance, and these specific characters could be building to a “phase” of Disney+ Television. That said, there are a number of other characters who deserve the chance to be on Marvel Television and have Disney+ Series. From Shuri and the Dora Milaje to Cassie Lang and the Kree to the second team of Ravagers led by Michelle Yeoh the possibilities are endless.

These shows have to launch strong, make their intentions clear, and make it clear that this is only the beginning of a brand new corner of the Marvel Television Universe. Disney’s just getting started and we can’t wait to see what’s coming.

Disney+ drops November 12th, 2019.

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