Agents of SHIELD: 5 Comicbook Storylines the Series Could Adapt

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Agents of SHIELD Season 6

Over the past five seasons, Agents of SHIELD has given us some the most out-of-this-world plot lines. We’ve seen the Kree, we’ve seen Inhumans, we’ve seen time travel, and as of Season 5 we’ve even seen outer space. However, there are still so many storylines the show can explore. As Season 6 is shortly upon us, let’s take a look at five plot lines from the Agents of SHIELD comics that could be explored in Season 6.

1. A.I.M.

While A.I.M., Advanced Idea Mechanics, has been addressed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before, we have not seen its presence in Agents of SHIELD yet. The enemy organization plays a huge role in the comics. In Agents of SHIELD Issue #1: The Coulson Protocols, A.I.M. creates a DNA smart bomb. They build it to harm millions of people. How could A.I.M. be introduced on the show? Since the death of A.I.M. in Iron Man 3, it’s possible they left a few covert agents on SHIELD. Perhaps they could pop up in Season 6 to give our agents a hard time.

2. Mystic Hunting

In Mys-Tech Wars Volume 1, Issue #5, Magic Bullets, the team is looking into investigating Mys-Tech, a company that was making bullets that killed mystics: Satana, Damion Hellstrom, Shaman and Jennifer Kale. How could this be done in the show? Maybe after the Avengers: Endgame snap, the team could discover that several of the magically inclined people they had in their registry are gone and never came back. This would build a great mystery.

3. The Return of Daisy’s Dad

Calvin Zabo, aka Mr. Hyde is well known in the Agents of SHIELD verse. In Agents of SHIELD Issue #7, The Strange Case of Daisy Johnson and Mr. Hyde, it wasn’t just Jiaying’s Inhuman DNA that affected Daisy. The serum that Calvin took caused Daisy’s Inhuman powers to reject, and be replaced with the serum. With FitzSimmons, they ended up making a cure. How could that play out in the show? Since Calvin doesn’t have his memories anymore, as shown in the Agents of SHIELD Season 2 finale, Daisy could recruit her dad to help with a mission. Perhaps they could make a cure to get rid of his morphing for good.

4. Project Gladiator

In Issue #1 of 50 Years of SHIELD: Mockingbird, Project Gladiator is mentioned. Project Gladiator was a SHIELD-backed program to recreate the Super Soldier Serum; a program which Agent Bobbi Morse was a leading Bio-Chemist on, and the leading researcher, Wilma Calvin was killed for. How could it work on the show? Word could get out of someone trying to duplicate the serum for their personal gain, which could bring back fan-favorites Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter as mission consultants.

5. A New Deathlok

In Agents of SHIELD Issue #10 Under New Management, Simmons becomes the new Deathlok. Remember the DNA smart bomb A.I.M. created in Issue #1? This bomb effects Simmons and the only way to save Jemma’s life was to use the same technology that was used to save Henry Hayes’s (Deathlok) life. She was turned into a Deathlok. How that could happen on the show? Once Fitz comes out of Cryo-sleep, perhaps it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Maybe Jemma and Daisy could format a newer and safer synthesized version of the Centipede Serum to help save Fitz’s life. Then that serum could give Fitz some sort of powers and he could become the new Deathlok.

Any one of these ideas could only add to the depth this show has established in this Marvel Universe. Season 6 could definitely be the time to include more of these comic book storylines.

Agents of SHIELD returns on May 10, 2019.

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