Disney+ Confirms Multiple Marvel Series, Sets November Launch

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The streaming service known as Disney+ officially announced a launch date today and confirmed multiple Marvel shows. Disney+ will be available on November 12, 2019 in the US. It will cost $6.99/month or $70/year. That is a fantastic starting point, considering Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO are all well over that price point.

So, what Marvel shows did Disney confirm today? First they confirmed the animated series What If. The anthology series will kick off with Captain America, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark. Find out more about that series here.

Next, Disney confirmed the Sam Wilson and James “Bucky” Buchanan show, Falcon and Winter Soldier. The series will star current leads Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

Disney also confirmed Loki’ standalone series starring Tom Hiddleston and WandaVision, a series starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Scarlet Witch and the Vision. A Hawkeye series is also coming to the service, per news that broke yesterday.

Currently all of these characters are dead in the MCU, thanks in no small part to Thanos. So will these shows exist outside of time? Will they be one-off shows that follow certain non-canon adventures? Or does the confirmation of these shows guarantee these characters will be coming back at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Only time will tell.

Disney+ is going to save us all. No, really. Now that Disney owns Marvel, FOX, Star Wars, Pixar, and so much more, the Mouse House is going to be the hub for major entertainment for many years to come.

Disney+ will be available November 12, 2019.

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