Marvel Shipyard: Peter and M.J.

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As we discussed last time in the Chronicles of the “Marvel Shipyard,” the brand new shiny ship of Happy and Aunt May will be sailing onto the big screen this summer in Spider-Man: Far From Home. But their’s isn’t the only ship coming in this movie.

When last we saw Peter Parker, he was pining away for Liz, fellow classmate and tragic daughter of archenemy Vulture. Let’s just say Vulture wouldn’t have made the best father-in-law for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Sadly the burgeoning love of young Peter and Liz was not to be. After the capture of Michael Keaton’s Vulture, Liz and her mother moved away, ending their love story and effectively sinking their ship by the time the credits rolled.

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But…anyone who knows anything about the Spider-verse will have seen that ship sinking from a mile away and will have had their eye on another one floating just over the horizon.

The newest trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home offers a few clues to this new ship. Take a another look:

The seeds were planted in Spider-Man: Homecoming for Zendaya’s iteration of M.J. to move up in the romantic playing field when it was revealed that her name was M.J. Devotees of the comic books or even the Tobey Maguire Spidey films sat up straight when that news dropped, because M.J. is a classic long time love of Peter Parker’s.

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There is no denying this is not the M.J. of yesteryear. She doesn’t live next door to Peter (as far as we know.) He hasn’t spent his adolescence pining for her and she doesn’t have the tell-tale red hair. But if Marvel does one thing right (and they do plenty right) it’s rewrite their own stories in the most interesting ways. M.J. is certainly a puzzle for die hard fans.

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The above trailer gives us a look at Peter nervously wondering, to friend Ned, if there’s something between him and M.J. As well as this sweet exchange between the young love birds:

Peter: “You look really pretty.”

M.J.: “And therefore I have value?”

Peter: “No no no that’s not what I meant.”

M.J.: “I’m messing with you. You look pretty too.”

As mentioned before, this M.J. is not the girl next door. Zendaya brings both spit and sparkle to the role and effectively keeps young Peter on his toes.

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This is another ship that is just getting on the water, but the legacy of M.J. runs deep and it’s fair to estimate that this ship will be properly floating by the time the end credit scene rolls in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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