Top 5 Wanted Characters for The Hawkeye Series On Disney+

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Greetings True Believers, last week it was announced that everyone’s favorite avenging archer was getting his very own show on the upcoming streaming service, Disney+. Clint Barton is one of my own personal favorite comic heroes. So, in honor of this news, we’re listing a group of characters that should appear in the series.

However, before I do I feel I must preface this with a few things. Per the announcement by Variety, Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye in the comics, will be in the show as one of the main characters. So, I have omitted her from the list. Also, I chose not to put any Young Avengers on this list, so it may be its own thing in the future. Lastly, this list will consist of only characters that have yet to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, without further ado, let us begin with…

5. Pizza Dog 

Introduced in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye comic run, Lucky a.k.a. Pizza Dog in a fan favorite character with ties to both Hawkeyes. In the comics, Lucky was a dog owned by the Tracksuit Mafia, a villainous group in the said run. Clint was nice to him went they weren’t. So, he turned on his masters. He lost an eye for it but gained two new friends in the form of Clint and Kate. I feel like he could help add some extra charm to the show and be a source of levity during the more serious moments. Besides, the Internet loves dogs.

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