WonderCon: Cosplay Roundup 2019

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WonderCon 2019 ended on Sunday, and the convention made a real mark in terms of cosplay. From the Marvel photoshoot to the cosplays wandering the halls, people created some incredible works honoring Marvel cosplay. The Avengers Initiative Photoshoot was very much the Marvel Cosplay highlight thanks to the arrival of Marvel Becoming, Marvel’s cosplay show. Under their guidance, they filmed the shoot, taking pictures and staying for the Captain Marvel group photo.

From Captain Marvel to an influx of Spiders from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, here’s a round up of some of our favorite cosplays and a little more information on Marvel Becoming, Marvel’s cosplay youtube series.

What is Marvel Becoming?

Marvel Becoming is Marvel’s cosplay spotlight. Marvel Becoming focuses on cosplayers and spotlights their craft. Two seasons of the show has seen just a slice of Marvel’s massive character gallery represented. The show breaks down what goes into the construction of these characters and their costume. The short episodes are a fun look at the massive impact that Cosplay has had on the geeky community. While we’re not going to spoil you for just who Marvel will be bringing to life in the episode that was shot at Wondercon. Producer Judy Stephens visited the Avengers Initiative photoshoot and took pictures of the group as well as the Captain Marvel photoshoot focusing on Captain Marvel.

Pictures don’t do it justice. Be sure to tune into next month’s Marvel Becoming to get an up close and personal look at Marvel Becoming and the Wondercon Marvel meet-up!

The Avengers Initiative Photoshoot

The Marvel photoshoots can be hosted by anyone, but the Avengers Initiative cosplay group has consistently put together fun cosplay shoots at cons all over the United States. Split into multiple teams, they remain committed to representing the Marvel brand in fun and exciting ways. In addition to the Marvel Becoming connection, the Avengers Initiative also arranged a fun photoshoot pitting the departing DC Comics cosplayers against the Marvel cosplayers! A great deal of fun was had by all concerned!

You  can check out the Avengers Initiative Here.

Our Favorite Cosplays

Let’s take a moment to break down some of our favorite cosplays from Wondercon 2019! If we forget to credit you please let us know!

Wondercon was an incredible con for cosplay, and this won’t be the last article we have covering it. Stay tuned for Shawn Richter’s Captain America costume recap, watch Marvel Becoming,and enjoy the hardwork and craft skills of these dedicated fans. Did you agree or disagree with our choices? Did you have any favorites from Wondercon 2019? Share yoru thoughts with us in the comments below!

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