WonderCon: Legion Season 3 Panel Recap

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The final season of Legion is slowly and steadily approaching it’s climax. After three seasons of weird and wonderful filmmaking Marvel Television’s first X-Men centered TV show is ending. The cast and crew offered a fond goodbye to the series prior to it ending. Heading to Wondercon, the cast previewed a clip of Lauren Tsai’s new mutant Switch, gave out hats, and broke down what the new season will look like – as well as what the future holds for showrunner Noah Hawley. Let’s Break down what we know about season 3.

Meet Switch and Lauren Tsai

The first half of Legion’s panel introduced the audience to Lauren Tsai. Clad in colorful costumes that fit in perfectly with the overall aesthetic of Legion, Switch is haunted by being told to find “him” and “find the pregnant virgin.” She goes on an adventure that requires listening to the radio, breaking apart reality, a travel through a really unique tunnel and plenty of music – music that has been a staple of the show.

It’s a great introduction to the character and to her ability – which FX has hinted has to do with Time Travel. The end of Season 2 of Legion left David in an ambiguous place and while he didn’t appear in the footage, ‘Switch’ing things to Switch’s point of view is a smart way to solve some of the problems that the second season finale dealt with. David has ceased to be the series protagonist and Switch, trying to find him, makes a compelling and frankly intriguing new character.

Lauren Tsai jumped at the opportunity to work with Hawley, “No cell in my body wanted to say no to this.” She shared, “It was the opportunity of a life time.”

Legion fans should be very excited about Switch. She’s tough as nails and she has amazing fashion sense. While we haven’t gotten to see much of her powers in action, she left an indelible impression. Cosplayers get ready to fall in love with the newest mutant Legion – one we’ll hopefully see more of outside of the Legion Universe.

David Haller Goes Through an Arc

Last season saw David Haller go through an arc that left a lot of fans very confused – and many of them upset. After assaulting Syd, the moderator rightfully asked both Dan Stevens and Rachel Keller if their characters, David and Syd respectively, if they were “good” or “bad” characters. The actors laughed and discussed how the show has been very good about exploring all of the shades of gray.

The panel didn’t particularly answer the question – keeping the show’s plot line under wraps. Stevens instead praised Hawley and shared just how the show tackles the unique storytelling that has become signature to Noah Hawley’s work. Stevens praised Hawley’s script saying that there was a “warm glow” over all the work that he wrote. The producers were also effusive with their praise. When asked if they were ever surprised with what they got away with they shared “Every page was a surprise.”

As for David Haller’s “arc” and journey, Hawley shared that when dealing with a character who coped with such strenuous mental health issues there were only a few places that he could go in regards to his character.

While there’s a discussion to be had about just what that means for David Haller, and if that’s the only option he has as a person coping with a mental illness, Hawley’s wish was clear. Legion will be ending after three seasons, even if producer Jeph Leob calls Legion a treasure of Marvel Television canon.

What’s Next For Noah Hawley?

Hawley teased that as of Wondercon 2019 they had filmed the final scene of the series. When asked if he had put as “many characters from the series as they could” in the last scene of the show, he promised that they had. Fans know that this could mean anything with a character like David Haller. It could just end with a shot of Dan Stevens, facing the camera. It wouldn’t be out of character for such an unusual and artistic show.

As for Hawley himself, he seemed to be moving on proclaiming that “every story has an end.” Leob however asked for everyone to hope that Hawley would stay with Marvel Television. With rumors of Hawley at the healm of a Doctor Doom film, it doesn’t seem  as if the director’s journey is done. As for his forays into the mutant corner of the Universe he’ll have David Haller meeting his father Professor X, and it seems as if his time in the world of mutants is coming to a close. Time will tell just how true, or untrue, that might be. With Legion after all, nothing is what it seems.

The 3rd season of Legion is poised to combine what’s best about the show and share a different side of the X-Men universe. It’s artistry, it’s vision, all of it has made it an unforgettable part of Marvel’s television canon. Hawley may have his reasons for ending the show, but it’s left an indellible mark in the hearts and minds of fans. Even if David Haller’s adventure has ended in its current incarnation,  one can only hope some part of it will continue.

Are you planning to adventure with David Haller? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Legion Season 3 is set to premiere sometime in June 2019

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