WonderCon – Marvel Rising Interview – Kathreen Khavari (Ms. Marvel)

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One of the best characters currently being written by Marvel is Ms. Marvel, also known as Kamala Khan. The young Ms. Marvel is a bright and vibrant addition to Marvel’s stable of characters. Her zest for life and love of heroes is reminiscent of a young Peter Parker. While Peter has had several live-action adaptations, Kamala is still waiting for her chance at the big screen. She is, however, making a splash on the small screen, particularly in Marvel Rising.

Fans of Marvel Rising know that Kamala is the moral compass of the group. She’s centered and ready to provide empathy to the team. Brought to life by Kathreen Khavari, Ms. Marvel is an important character to Marvel and the characters of Marvel Rising. Khavari, much like her character, focuses on encouraging empathy in others and educating them about real-world issues. While she’s providing advice and caution to the Secret Warriors, she’s making a point of educating people in real life as well.

The actress sat down with The Marvel Report to discuss her character in Marvel Rising, Kamala’s impact on the MCU at large, and where she hopes the character will go. Check out our interview with Kathreen Khavari below!

What did you think of Kamala Khan in Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron? What would you like to see Marvel Rising do with Kamala? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and don’t forget to keep your eyes on Marvel HQ for more Marvel Rising content!

Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron is currently streaming.

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