5 Canon What-If Stories Marvel Could Adapt For Disney+

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What if Captain America had become President?

This issue doesn’t have broad implications, and truthfully there’s not much difference between a President Steve Rogers and Captain America Steve Rogers. After being convinced to run he solves the world energy crisis and ends up battling Red Skull in San Pedro. He’s seemingly “lost” in the struggle and only his shield has been recovered. In the wake of the MCU painting large chunks of the government as HYDRA however, it could be very validating to see Captain America battle the skull’s minions in the halls of Washington DC.

What If Wolverine Was An Agent of SHIELD?

This one (originally penciled by Rob Liefield) focuses on Wolverine joining SHIELD and presumably working under Nick Fury. This is another What If story that makes sense – Wolverine and Nick Fury’s paths have crossed in the 616 universe before they were both SHIELD. Ultimately a sequence of events leads to Wolverine becoming Director of SHIELD, not just a SHIELD agent. While in charge, Wolverine halts the sentinels program, prevents the development of Phoenix, and ultimately teaches humans and mutants to live together. He sure has our vote for SHIELD director.

What if Wolverine had Battled Conan the Barbarian

Exactly what it says on the tin. With Marvel putting more of a focus on their part of the Conan comics, seeing Conan the barbarian making a reappearance could be very possible. This would be a nice way to continue introducing the audience to Wolverine and introduce a much younger audience to Conan. The Barbarian is currently in Savage Avengers and is a big part Marvel’s current War of the Realms event. With lots of D&D esque looks, he’d be a good fit for fans to be introduced to.

What If Aunt May had died instead of Uncle Ben

This is the biggest focus of the What if series. Utau pointing out different Marvel Universes means major Marvel events changing things in the Marvel Universe. This one would be tough, but very possible to show just how much of an influence on Peter Aunt May was. Aunt May is shot dead by a burglar. Peter tries to stop him but he falls out of a window and dies. Uncle Ben turns up and is jailed for the burgler’s murder. Without Ben passing on the “with great power comes great responsibility” speech as he dies Peter’s life takes a significantly darker turn.

There is a ton of material for the What If series. Captain Carter is the tip of the ice berg. Fans of Peggy are thrilled to see her return, but be warned. In the What If series things can get especially melancholy – and they often have a twilight zone twist.

Do you have a specific What if Story you’d like to see adapted?We’ll be asking you what you want to see, so stay tuned!

Disney+ will be available November 12, 2019.

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