5 Characters Who Should be Mentioned in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness

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Elsa Bloodstone (Monster Hunter)

You can’t have monsters without a monster hunter, and Elsa Bloodstone is the best Monster Hunter in the Marvel Universe. Living with her mother and Frankenstein’s Monster, Elsa battles monsters just like her father. Ulysses Bloodstone is an immortal monster hunter who, after his encounter with an alien race that embedded a blood gem into his chest, dedicated his life to hunting down creatures of darkness. 

It’s perfectly feasible for Ulysses himself to appear in the MCU. But with the studio’s desire to have a number of female characters get the spotlight, Elsa is a perfect follow-up. When you throw in that she was once on a monster and magic-hunting team with Monica Rambeau, Elsa seems like a likely candidate for introduction into the MCU.

Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes, Johnny Blaze, Etc.)

Ghost Rider deserves a larger movie spot. While Robbie Reyes has been confirmed for a Ghost Rider series, he deserves to be seen in the MCU on the big screen. Thanks to Gabriel Luna dominating in Terminator: Dark Fate, we encourage Marvel to pursue more time with the actor. Luna could even share the stage with the previous Ghost Riders – introducing the entire mythos by giving people a look at Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, and the other people cursed to ride the roads of Marvel seeking revenge.

Picking at least one ghost rider is a must as Marvel moves toward a horror slate. Adding more of them is also a plus. After all, Ghost Riders in other dimensions include a flaming T-Rex on an F-14. No, we’re not kidding. You can’t do Marvel Horror without a Ghost Rider, period. We’re of the mind that it should be Robbie, but the more the merrier.

Moon Knight (Marc Spector)

As one of the most in-demand characters according to Marvel fans, it’s past time for a live-action adaptation of Moon Knight in the MCU. Marc Spector was a former mercenary who was possessed by a God named Khonshu. Dubbed the ‘Fist of Khonshu,’ Spector became Marvel’s Batman-like figure and dealt with crimes similarly to DC Comics’ Dark Knight.

Spector creates multiple identities after slowly beginning to lose his mind, yet he still contends with ancient Gods, cosmic deities and hunting monsters – including Jack Russell and other terrifying characters. Multiple directors, such as James Gunn, have longed to adapt the character for the big screen. It’s past time.

Man-Thing (Doctor Ted Sallis)

Man Thing is number one on the list for me. Despite his complicated history, Man Thing has a pretty impressive origin story, is 100% suited for a “multiverse of madness,” and could provide a character we haven’t seen in the MCU before. Given that he’s fully inhuman and difficult for audiences to look at, he would be a challenge for any writer.

The victim of an assassination attempt, Sallis injected himself with an experimental serum in an effort to save his life as he drove off a bridge into a lake. Sallis’ plan backfire, and he was transformed into a massive muck monster much like Swamp Thing, his unintentional cousin over at DC Comics.  He was fused into a massive monster, but Doctor Strange helped him regain consciousness in his massive form. Sallis’ connection to Strange makes him a perfect potential sidekick or antagonist for the Sorcerer Supreme. 

These are just a few of Marvel’s creepy horror characters who could be incorporated into a horror slate led by Doctor Strange. Who would you like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters May 7th, 2021.

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