SDCC 2020: Falcon & the Winter Soldier Breakdown, Casting Details

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San Diego Comic Con has come and gone and introduced Phase 4 of Marvel’s movies. As Marvel moves into a post-endgame world a lot has changed for multiple characters. For close friends of Captain America like Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson they have to contend with a new world of new villains, heroes, and titles. Marvel and Disney + aim to explore that in Falcon and the Winter Soldier – arriving Fall 2020.

The series will focus on Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan learning to navigate a world without Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and presumably battling one of Captain America’s oldest foes. As Mackie and Stan joked and kidded with each other and studio head Kevin Feige, the lights in the auditorium went out and Hall H was plunged into blackness. In a move straight out of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the screens in Hall H experienced technical difficulties before revealing Daniel Bruhl – famously known for playing Helmut Zemo.

Fans of Captain America: Civil War should be familiar with Helmut Zemo who singlehandedly broke the Avengers without firing a single shot. The former Sokovian Intelligence officer framed Bucky Barnes for the murder of T’Challa’s father King T’Chaka. He tried to commit suicide post film before he was stopped by Black Panther and the other Avengers. While the damage was done, Zemo was handed over to the joint terrorism task force and imprisoned.

In the wake of ‘the blip’ it appears as if Zemo is free and building connections and alliances. The footage ended with a brief look at Zemo’s iconic comic look – a purple mask he became famous for wearing in the comic books. It looks like Falcon and the Winter Soldier will have their hands full battling the villain who “broke” the avengers and altered the way the world saw super powered individuals. With Emily VanCamp rumored to have also boarded the series, Zemo doesn’t stand a chance.

Director Kari Skogland (The Handmaid’s Tale) will be directing all six episodes of the series. Malcom Spellman (Empire) is rumored to help pen the script with Derek Kolstad (John Wick).

The series has announced no further casting news – but with a writing team like this, Falcon and the Winter Soldier is shaping up to be a TV series that people can’t miss.

Are you excited for this team up? Share your thoughts with us about Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the comments below!

Falcon and the Winter Soldier hits Disney+ in Fall 2020.

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