WandaVision: Could New Concept Art Be Hinting At An Alternate Reality?

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wandavision poster

At D23, several new Marvel surprises were revealed, including new concept art for the Disney+ series called WandaVision. There is a lot to unpack from the poster. Here are a few Easter eggs and what they could possibly mean for the show:

The Shadows

The first thing immediately noticeable in the poster are the shadows. Vision clearly has his Mind Stone back, already hinting that this could be a dual reality. Something else is also completely unexpected: Wanda’s shadow looks like it has sprouted horns. The “horns” can only mean that, at some point during the show, fans will finally see Wanda dawn her iconic headpiece. The presence of the headpiece, and hopefully her cloak, will bring about the completion of Wanda becoming Scarlet Witch for the fans that have desperately been wanting her to reach her potential.

The Background

Being that the premise of this show takes place in the 50s or 60s, it makes sense that some of the background is black and white. Most sitcoms during that time period were shot in that very format. Or, could the black and white be a symbol of Wanda’s current reality? Without Vision by her side in the present, the pain and loss strips all of the color away, leaving her feeling alone and empty. The colored portion directly in the center could most certainly mean that she has warped her world into the desired reality that she wants: a life with Vision. This difference in color could definitely be the start of hinting at her reality-altering powers.

Find more Easter eggs on page two:

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