Black Widow: Is The Winter Guard Coming?

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2. How Would They Know Natasha?

If the Russian equivalent of The Avengers are potentially being introduced into Natasha’s path, one has to wonder how they would know each other. the most obvious options are early missions that Natasha was sent on when she was a part of the Red Room, or freelance before Natasha ever joined SHIELD.

Speaking of SHIELD, there could be a past affiliation between the two groups, what with Ursa Major being a guide to Agent Carter’s team during the war. That could be work for the movie, though small details would probably be change to match Natasha’s name being passed through the grapevine.

With the rumor that Robert Downey, Jr. making an appearance as Iron Man, his Tony Stark could possible still be in touch with Anton Vanko to find out if Natasha had contact. Now if that name rings a bell, it’s because he was first introduced in Agent Carter, and partnered with Howard Stark to make the first Arc Reactor. Though there may be some tension towards Tony; Howard ended up deporting him for stolen plans. This too would also have to change slightly, seeing that Anton Vanko died in Iron Man 2.

3. Secret Avengers

Season 2 Episode 17 of Marvel Avengers Assemble titled “Secret Avengers” introduced a Winter Guard unlike their comic book version. The premise of this episode was that the Avengers split into two groups, with Captain America, Hulk, Falcon and Black Widow working for SHIELD to retrieve a “power source”. In the end, that source ends up being Radioactive Man, and both teams help rescuing him as well as the building he was being kept in.

How could this translate for the movie is that, since this is possible taking place after Civil War, and the way Natasha looked in Infinity War with Steve, it is most likely that she was a part of a version of the “Secret Avengers”. No confirmation of Chris, Mark or Anthony making a cameo, it would be nice to a flashback or an intro scene that has similar details of this exact episode; it would be a nice Easter egg for eagle eyed fans as well who would get the reference.

4. Crossing With Yelena Belova

Florence Pugh is set to play Yelena Belova, aka “Crimson Widow”

There still isn’t a whole lot known about how Yelena Belova for Black Widow, other than that Yelena sees Natasha as a “sisterly figure”. Speculation as to how she could have a ruin in with the Winter Guard are completely up in the air, and free for guessing.

A way could be while on the run, Natasha runs into her. Yelena could want to help her stay hidden, and the way to help her be as covert as possible is to train with a group of KGB super-soldiers, naturally. Yet, something could go wrong and a small allies to enemies situation could happen, and all that work could go down the drain but could be saved, who knows.

Natasha and the Winter Guard training Yelena could definitely be setting her up to take the mantle of The Black Widow in future MCU projects, considering the fate Natasha meets in Endgame. Either way, with the introduction of her character, hopes of her staying around are anticipated.

5. Future Projects

With the recent release of Disney+, and tons of original Marvel content being released, it could be a possibility that an original show would end up there about the “Russian Avengers”. Snip-its from Black Widow could be referenced for fun, but an original program with original stories could be the perfect way to introduce these characters to the MCU.

Not being released until 2022, She-Hulk on Disney+ would be another great way to integrate these lesser known characters. Writers could pull from She-Hulk Vol. 2 #34-36. In #34-35, The Winter Guard as seen as villains, but by #36, they are allies, helping repair a ravaged country.

With a reboot of Fantastic Four confirmed for Phase 4 of the MCU, this would be another great opportunity to introduce the Soviet Super-Soldiers. Both teams cross paths in Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #643. Even though they only make a cameo in the issue, an appearance in another Marvel movie would be a nice way to have characters that would normally never meet in every day life, cross paths to save the world.

A lot of secrets for Black Widow are still under raps and highly guarded at the moment. Nevertheless, a character like Red Guardian could open the door to a whole group of heroes fans never thought they would’ve seen in the MCU.

Black Widow is set to premiere May 1st, 2020

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