Marc Guggenheim To Script Jackpot For Sony Pictures

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The Sony Pictures “Spider-Verse” is expanding once again. This time around we will be getting the crime-fighting parent turned heroine Jackpot. No other info has been brought to light about this venture other than the script will be penned by Marc Guggenheim, known recently for his work on the CW’s Arrowverse of shows.

Jackpot is a heroine named Sara Ehret who started out as a scientist, a common theme in comics, whose life got turned for the weird by virus “Lot 777” while pregnant. It was only after having the child that her powers began to manifest and she started fighting crime with her newly awoken super strength.

She isn’t the only one who has taken the mantle, but I have a pretty good feeling this is where we are going to start with this character. My one question is how is she going to tie into the rest of the universe Sony Pictures is trying to create with their other “Spider-Verse” characters? And who else to write this but Marc Guggenheim? He’s had his hands in comic adaptations since 2011 and has seen success, for the most part, in it.

I’m one hundred percent down for more stories showcasing lesser-known heroes of the Marvel Universe so this seems like a good choice to go with. More information about this is sure to come in the future so be sure to check back in with us for more information on this and everything else Sony has to offer in their Spider-Man Universe.

Source: Deadline

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