Hawkeye Finds Its Directors: Where Might The Series Go From Here?

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Marvel’s Hawkeye has joined Falcon and The Winter Soldier in being delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic, but the Marvel series isn’t idle. The series has found its helmers, which means that it can proceed at least behind the scenes even if the series stars aren’t in front of the cameras. While it may be awhile before the actors can get back in front of the cameras, we can focus some positive energy on the behind the scenes crew and on the production moving forward.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that the series has found at least some of its directors, and they present an interesting look at the potential direction the series could go. According to THR, writers Amber Finlayson and Katie Ellwood, also known as Bert and Bertie will be directing a block of episodes. The duo are famous for helming Amazon’s coming-of-age comedy Troop Zero, a hilarious look at a troop of ‘girl scouts’ starring Viola Davis and Allison Janney. 

They’re joined by Rys Thompson, a Saturday Night Live director also responsible for episodes of Amazon’s Comrade Detective and John Mulaney’s The Sack Lunch Bunch. Hawkeye seems to be collecting a group of directors adept at blending action and comedy giving an interesting look at the potential stories that the series could tackle.

What Does This Mean For Hawkeye?

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Based on the choice of directors, it’s reasonable to assume that the series will take a lighter tone than something like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, or Wandavision’s sci-fi and fantasy tone. This makes sense, Hawkeye’s not mired to powers or a “tragic” backstory – he does however keep up with his avenger cohorts by making jokes. In the comics, his most recent adventures including Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and West Coast Avengers, his actions are more humorous than dark. One can infer however by Troop Zero’s directors and The Sack Lunch Bunch, that the series is taking itself seriously and taking it’s humor seriously.

That can lead people to infer that the series will at least look into adapting Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye which expands Hawkeye’s relationship with his protege and successor Kate Bishop who tries to rescue Hawkeye from a bout of severe depression. The series is critically acclaimed and features everything from Lucky the pizza dog to Hawkeye leading a revolt against people holding the building he owns hostage. Timely and humorous, though not without its adult beats, Fraction’s Hawkeye is the only real choice to adapt to Disney+.

That said, there’s room for West Coast Avengers too. The series brought some humorous beats and depending on how Hawkeye goes, Kate could jump into a West Coast Avengers series of her own. Marvel is looking for the next generation of heroes to take over the Avengers mantles and while it will be hard, Kate could be poised to usher in a new generation of young characters for audiences to fall in love with. After all, how else can Disney top Lucky the pizza dog but with Jeff the land shark?

Are you excited to see Hawkeye take aim for the big screen? Do you think we’ll see Lucky or Jeff the landshark? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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