Agents Of SHIELD 7.11 Review: Brand New Day

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Agents of SHIELD packed what might have been an otherwise simply plot-progressing episode with all the emotions by bringing in Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) for a series of flashbacks that revealed the nature of his separation from Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge).

Meanwhile, Kora and Nathaniel try to play the team even after Jiaying untimely death. It doesn’t quite go as planned, but it does slow the show down while cementing that the characters finds themselves in a brand new timeline. What will the world look like when they get back in the finale?

What’s Wrong With The Blood Work?

agents of shield 711 fitz

After Deke’s (Jeff Ward) attempt to save his grandmother from Nathaniel and Garrett winds up with him being used as collateral against her, the unfortunate Big Bad of the season starts digging around Simmons’ brain for clues as to Fitz’s whereabouts.

Her implant works well enough that at first we’re only treated to a clipshow of Greatest Fitzsimmons Hits from the early days of SHIELD, but eventually he hits on something new and meaty. As the dynamic duo tried to work on a time machine with Enoch’s help, they first seem to accept the idea of taking their sweet time before Fitz pulls a dramatic 180.

In one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of the season, Jemma begs her husband not to do something she finds unbearable. We don’t know what it is, but we do know that it’s the reason Fitz gives her the plant: because if she doesn’t know what happens to him, she won’t be in pain over it.

Whatever happened to him, it better be reversed and result in a reunion for the finale, because Fitzsimmons have been through too much over the course of seven seasons to not get the happy ending they deserve.

Mo’ Timelines, Mo’ Problems

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Unfortunately, Agents of SHIELD has also found it necessary to devote a large chunk of its final season to a Malick we’ve never met before and a sibling of Daisy’s (Chloe Bennet) that we never knew existed. In another other year, I would be happy to flesh out their grievances and relate to their motivations. But with time literally running out, their plans are something of a letdown.

Kora tries to convince SHIELD to be the best they can be by killing monsters before they can hurt others – Grant Ward shoutout! – but she’s promptly and accurately shut down by Mack (Henry Simmons). She then tries to play the sister card on Daisy, but the latter would rather save the sister she does know: Simmons.

Unfortunately, we never get to the rescue bit. But Daisy absconding with the Zephyr and throwing Sibyl for a loop gives us some great moments with her, Mack and Sousa (Enver Gjokaj). The latter’s connection to Daisy has been well-documented, and Mack gives him the patented fatherly talk about never hurting her. To sweeten the pot, he threatens Sousa on behalf of the entire team in addition to himself. We also get some cute flirting between the two lovebirds and teasing about the Quake codename, but sadly no kissing.

May (Ming-Na Wen) tries to pull a card of her own on Kora, by showing her the truth of her mother’s death. It doesn’t seem to move the needle much, and instead Kora is whisked away by her brother with preparations to take out all the SHIELD bases accessed by Sibyl. Well, that’s going to be a problem, isn’t it?

We’ll find out when it all ends next week on Agents of SHIELD!

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