Jon Watts To Direct Fantastic Four For Marvel Studios

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Fantastic Four

Fans of Marvel spent most of 2020 waiting for news on their favorite properties. Thanks to COVID-19, Disney news was rightfully on the backburner. All of that changed at The Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day when Kevin Feige brought a bevy of marvelous news including a long-awaited Fantastic Four reboot.

The studio head shared a new logo and revealed the film will be directed by Spider-Man‘s Jon Watts.

Marvel’s first family, Doctor Richard Reed, his wife Sue Storm, her brother Johnny and Reed’s best friend Ben Grimm have already inspired four attempts by Marvel to tackle the film. The two most famous adaptations, 2005’s The Fantastic Four (with Chris Evans) and Josh Trank’s ill-fated 2015 adaptation, were critical and audience flops. The writer of the 2015 film Simon Kinberg admitted among other things that taking a gritty and realistic look at the source material was “a problem.”

When Disney purchased 20th Century Studios, fans of everything from the X-Men to the Fantastic Four were hopeful that Kevin Feige would be able to attack the series with a fan’s focus on the properties. With the MCU expanding its horizons, it wasn’t unrealistic to hope that the First Family wouldn’t be far behind.

Watts’s take on Spider-Man has helped re-elevate the character to the public consciousness taking Peter Parker (and Tom Holland) to the hearts of Marvel fans around the world. He’s the perfect person to shepherd in a new era of an iconic Marvel property.

As fans progress into 2021 and don their masks like superheroes, they now know for sure that they have something new to look forward to with the Fantastic Four flying into theaters soon.

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