How WandaVision Could Redefine the MCU

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Marvel’s WandaVision is coming in less of a week and there’s a very good chance it could re-define the MCU at large. Wanda’s abilities are extremely unpredictable making her one of the most powerful characters in the MCU at large. In the comics she was a plot device that motivated one of X-Men’s largest and craziest stories, the House of M. The Scarlet Witch has been a heroine, a villain, and an anti-hero. More importantly, her powers have the ability to reshape the MCU at large. Let’s break down The House of M, the tragedy of WandaVision, and just how the Scarlet witch could reshape the MCU at large.


Marvel loves mutants. It’s only natural, mutants are the most natural and likely (as strange as it may seem) heroes to exist. They present a universal trope – people who feel unloved because they are “different”.  That’s led Marvel to create enough mutants to fill a world of their own leaving them with a huge cast of mutants. Brian Michael Bendis created a solution that would eventually lead to the Secret Invasion story. The House of M storyline would provide Marvel with an opportunity to thin the mutant herd without killing anyone as well as add dimension to the Scarlet Witch’s character.

There’s more to the story involving a world where humans are looked down upon and mutants reign supreme. Wanda’s desire was to recreate her children that she had with Vision. Her goals were taken advantage of by her father Magneto. Still, she and Vision got their children back – though they were born to human parents and manifested mutant powers. 

The House of M activated the secret invasion storyline and changed the MCU at large. Driven by Wanda’s mental break, Marvel could use a version of the House of M to change Marvel’s universe to include a number of the recently added purchases from 21rst Century Studios. How would they accomplish this however?

By turning WandaVision into a tragedy.


Wanda and Vision’s storyline in the comics turns into a tragedy of people not accepting “unusual couples.” Their fairytale world is turned upside down when Wanda loses her children (or the first of her children). The commercials that WandaVision has shared seems to hint at something far darker. If WandaVision turns out to be a tragedy, it would unleash a horror on the MCU that, much like House of M, would change the MCU at large.

The dark attitude seems to hint that Wanda has no control over the environment that she and Vision have been living in. One of the biggest reveals is the line in this first clip here. “We don’t have wedding rings.” Wanda adds a wedding ring to vision without him commenting on it. He enters the house and doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. Wanda has control over the environment – total control. 

Vision is still there, and Vision is all powerful, but Wanda’s got control over this fake environment. It’s not unreasonable to assume there’s more at work here – like Wanda’s powers have grown to mimic her powers in the comics. That means she’s created a world where she has total control including bringing Vision back to life.

She created Vision and her children and there’s a very good chance she did it without her knowledge – or with the help of Agatha whose intentions might not be pure. The MCU is taking a more horror bent, starting off with Wanda’s mental break would provide a reason for all of the change coming to the MCU at large. That makes WandaVision a tragedy. We’ll see Wanda and Vision relationship develop and if Vision sticks around they both will have to face the repercussions of Wanda’s actions.

WandaVision is a cute looking love story, but is it hiding more in plain sight? Is it truly a fun romp through sitcoms? Or is it Wanda’s Vision of a better world? Only time will tell.


If WandaVision turns out to be a tragedy, she’s warped the reality of the MCU. Her action could have broken the fabric of reality which would allow parts of other worlds including the X-Men universe to breakthrough. It could also pave the way for people exploring other worlds and dimensions like the fantastic four to return. With Wanda’s desire to return her love to life, she could unwittingly change reality just like Steve did. Thanos led Captain America to potentially alter the timeline and create alternate realities. Wanda could do the same, pushing the MCU to crack to create crossovers and opportunities for new stories.

Even if WandaVision doesn’t involve Wanda losing Vision (again) controlling that much power might mean she has still broken reality. She could be battling against SHIELD who might be (perhaps with the help of Wakanda or another group of aliens) trying to control her. Either way, things don’t look good for Wanda Maximoff. 

The Scarlet Witch could be taking a heel turn into a big bad within the MCU. Hinting at other galactic breaking villains, Wanda could be a force to be reckoned with. After how humans treated the Avengers and Wanda in the Infinity Gauntlet arc, Wanda has no motivation to be “kind” to humanity.

Losing Vision and her children could be the final straw in pushing her over the brink. It’s all Wanda’s vision at this point.

And we’re just living in it.

Do you think WandaVision could turn dark? Do you think it will end in tragedy or darkness? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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