Previously on Comic Conventions: LACC and the X-Men

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Comic conventions are starting to return in the wake of the pandemic, slowly but surely reminding people of nerd meet and greets, parties, and brand new and classic comic book material. Los Angeles Comic-Con was no different, focusing on the X-Men and classical Marvel mutant history with a book featuring all kinds of X-Men: The Animated Series goodness – something that’s always relevant (and especially relevant with Disney Plus’s upcoming X-Men: 97, revisiting the world of the series). 

Sponsored by X-Reads Podcast, the booth featured series showrunner Eric Lewald and his wife Julia who were on hand to promote their books on the classic series, offer stories to fans, and share some love with die-hard fans of Marvel’s merry mutant band. The booth also featured a photo booth where X-Men fans could take photos with professional cosplayers and share stories and memories of the fandom and the comics that inspired it. 

With Disney’s purchase of Fox’s properties, fans are clamoring for more X-Men content. A good place to start, especially with the incoming X-Men: The Animated Series revival, is the 90s series currently streaming on Disney Plus. Debuting on October 31rst 1992, the series ran for five seasons and represents some of the best adaptations of classic storylines crafted for the X-Men comics. While fans might disagree on the nature of the movie adaptations – the series is universally loved. From its iconic theme song to its adaptation of the Phoenix Saga, X-Men: The Animated Series was one of the stars of the LA Comic Con with the booth constantly busy.

One of the best parts however were the books themselves delivering history about the iconic series. The Marvel Report has obtained a copy of their memoir Previously on X-Men: The Making Of An Animated Series and will be reviewing it to prepare fans for brand new X-Men content coming soon to streaming platforms and encouraging people to revisit the series that defines some of Marvel’s most iconic characters and comics. 

For fans who are familiar, the booth offered solutions to keeping current with Marvel’s X-Men titles. Hosted by the X-Reads podcast, fans were able to swing by and chat with the hosts who are making it their mission to recap classic episodes while keeping up on the current state of Marvel comics. For great recaps and discussions, they’re your best source of comic knowledge and pop culture.

The return to comic conventions is slow going with the pandemic, but the return of friends, fans, and creators to the world of events is still happening safely. The state of the world has made it difficult, but that’s all the more reason to take time to go back and examine great content created in the past but inspiring work for the future.

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